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Annual DART Workshop 2019 in Graz

Dienstag, 26.03.2019

This year‘s DART accounting workshop took place at the

University of Graz in January. CAR’s Rainer Niemann

organized the workshop, during which the DART students

Robert Eder, Sandra Hinteregger, Elisabeth Plietzsch,

Kristoffer Uhlenkamp, and Anisa Vrenozi had the opportunity

to present their latest working papers and progress reports.

The presentations covered topics such as corporate

governance, auditing, performance measurement, dividend

policies, and blockchains and gamification in accounting. The

DART students Claire Estebanez, Peter Krenn, Claudia

Langbauer, Clemens Lankisch, Sandra Mauser, and Reinhard

Schrank discussed research papers by fellow PhDs and post

docs from the University of Mannheim, Goethe University

Frankfurt, and the University of Würzburg. The discussants

and the many participants at the workshop provided lots of

valuable suggestions and comments for improving the

working papers by highlighting the paper’s strengths as well

as identifying critical points and offering solutions within the

workshop sessions and subsequent discussions.

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