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Donnerstag, 26.06.2014

Doctoral Seminar by Haresh Sapra: "Accounting Measurement and Real Effects"

From June 16th-18th, DART-students followed professor Robert F. Göx's invitation to Zürich University in order to visit a seminar titled "Accounting...

Dienstag, 22.04.2014

Doctoral Seminar by Wayne Landsman: “Capital Markets Research in Accounting” (2.4.-4.4.2014)

Wayne Landsman, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, visited the University of Graz in April for a DART course in Capital Markets...

Freitag, 31.01.2014

Mini Graduate Workshop (DART, Würzburg, Mannheim)

Repeating last year’s fruitful collaboration, DART hosted a two-days doctoral workshop with participants from fellow universities. Prof. Simons and...

Freitag, 31.01.2014

Practice Workshop with Dr. Aslan Milla

On 28th January 2014 DART-students had the opportunity to participate in a practice workshop with Dr. Aslan Milla, senior partner of PwC Austria....

Donnerstag, 05.09.2013

Doctoral Seminar by Thomas Hemmer: “Analytical Research in Financial Accounting: Economics of Bias and Precision in Financial Statements” (9.9.-11.9.2013)

Six DART-Students followed Zürich University’s invitation to Prof. Thomas Hemmer’s (Rice University) Doctoral Seminar „Analytical Research in...

Donnerstag, 05.09.2013

Doctoral Seminars by Volker Laux, Christian Leuz (June 2013)

Doctoral Seminar by Volker Laux: "Topics in Corporate Governance" (17.6.-19.6.2013)Volker Laux, from the University of Texas, held a DART course in...

Mittwoch, 26.06.2013

Lunch Seminar 26.06.2013

Christian Leuz, Professor of International Economics, Finance and Accounting University of Chicago, Booth School of Business Mandatory IFRS...

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