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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is this a full-time program? Can this program be done part-time?

This is a full-time program which requires personal attendance on the campus. A part-time participation is not possible.

I do not speak German. Can I apply for DART?

As all courses, lectures and seminars are held in English, you have to speak this language very well. Knowledge of German is only needed for personal day-to-day-conversation. However, foreign students are recommended to attend German language classes in the first Winter term.

Can I apply to DART even though I did not yet finish my graduate studies?

Yes, you are welcome to apply even if you have not finished your graduate studies yet. You should finish your graduate studies by September. Please note that any documents issued in a language other than German or English must be submitted for the university enrolment accompanied by a certified translation.

Which are the formal requirements for the confidential letters of recommendation?

The letters should be signed by the author, scanned and attached to your application mail.

Can I apply to DART even though I did not yet take GRE/GMAT/TOEFL tests?

Yes. What matters is that you can demonstrate your analytical/mathematical skills and your command of English. This can be done in many ways, depending on your prior education. Please make sure that you send transcripts of any certificates, diplomas, etc. you have obtained. Nevertheless, the GRE/GMAT/TOEFL tests are strongly recommended for DART applicants.

Which score is necessary for the TOEFL-test?

We expect a very good knowledge of English. Therefore, a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) should have been passed with a good result. Note that the TOEFL-test is not necessary for those applicants who

  • are native speakers of English
  • have studied at least six months at an English-speaking school or university or
  • can prove their proficiency in another way.

My TOEFL test is four years old. Is this sufficient for application?

The test itself is sufficient but please keep in mind that you may have improved your knowledge of English in the meantime. In this case it would be wise to retake the test in order to achieve a better score.

Do I have to request the TOEFL and GRE organizations to send my test reports to DART or can I include copies in my application?

We do not require you to have the TOEFL and GRE/GMAT organizations to send your test reports to us. You can include a copy of the results in your application. However, in the case that you are admitted, you have to present your original documents prior to registration.

What is the "letter of motivation"?

The letter of motivation is not the proposal for the thesis. It should be just a brief and general description of your background, your research interests and career goals. Two or three pages should be enough.

Do I have to apply for admission to the PhD-studies at the University of Graz or the University of Vienna, before I apply to DART?

No. Your application to DART does not require prior admission to the PhD-studies. However, you should make sure that you meet the formal requirements for the doctoral studies in social and economic sciences at the respective university at the beginning of the studies.

I have graduated in a subject other than accounting. Can I apply to the program?

Yes, students who possess a Master's degree or a university Diploma in a closely related field like finance or economics are also entitled to apply to the doctoral program. In addition, graduates holding a degree in statistics, mathematics or physics are encouraged to apply. However, a solid education in advanced quantitative methods is absolutely necessary for a successful application to DART.

What is meant by "research with a quantitative orientation?"

The teaching and research program at DART is designed around state-of-the-art advanced methods of modern accounting. For that reason, applicants need a solid knowledge of quantitative methods to enter the PhD program at DART. We expect you to have skills in calculus and statistics. For instance, in the context of calculus you should be familiar with constrained optimization, linear algebra, and integration. In the field of statistics you should know, for example, basics about hypothesis testing by linear regression models.

Do I have to choose supervisor before applying to the doctoral program at DART?

No, if you are accepted to the program, you choose your supervisor after the presentation and discussion of your first research idea in the Research Seminar. However, each new doctoral student has an assigned professor as personal mentor for the duration of the first year of the program.

Are there any fees to be paid?

The amount tuition you will be required to pay depends on your citizenship, as treaties exist with certain countries which reduce tuition fees for some international students.
Tuition fees must be paid before the end of the enrolment period for each semester, at enrolment or re-registration for the semester. Books and class materials are not included in the tuition fees.

DART does not charge application assessment fees.

I already have external funding for my PhD studies. Can I apply to the program?

Yes. PhD students who already have funding from other sources (e.g. universities and specific projects) can also apply for DART membership as associated doctoral students. They are subject to the same application procedures and qualification criteria as students with scholarships. Associated doctoral students are fully integrated in the DART curriculum.


DART – Doctoral Program in Accounting, Reporting, and Taxation
Universitätsstraße 15/E4 A-8010 Graz
University of Graz, Center for Accounting Research Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 7255

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