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Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c Alfred Wagenhofer

University of Graz, Institute of Accounting and Control, Universitätsstraße 15, A-8010 Graz

Tel: +43 316 380 3500

email: alfred.wagenhofer(at)uni-graz.at

Research interests

Theory of accounting, standard setting, accounting measurement, earnings management, disclosure. Application of information economics, game theory and agency theory to study these themes, including economic effects, incentives, contracts, and institutions.



1990Habilitation in business administration, Vienna University of Technology
1984Doctorate of Social and Economic Sciences, University of Vienna (with honours)
1982Study of „Betriebsinformatik“, University of Vienna (with honours)

Present and past p

Since 2006Chair at the Center for Accounting Research, University of Graz
Since 1991Full professor at Institute for Management (since 1999 named Institute for Management Accounting and Control, since 2007 named Institute of Accounting and Control), University of Graz
1982-1991Research and teaching assistant at the Institute of Business Administration, Vienna University of Technology

Selected publications

  • Ewert, R., and A. Wagenhofer (2005): Economic Effects of Tightening Accounting Standards to Restrict Earnings Management, in: The Accounting Review 80, 1101-1124.
  • Benston, G., M. Bromwich, R.E. Litan and A. Wagenhofer (2006): Worldwide Financial Reporting: The Development and Future of Accounting Standards, Oxford University Press: New York et al.
  • Ewert, R. and A. Wagenhofer (2007): Management Accounting Theory and Practice in German-Speaking Countries, in: Chapman, C.S., A.G. Hopwood, and M.D. Shields (eds.), Handbook of Management Accounting Research, Volume 2, Elsevier: Amsterdam, 1035-1069. (This Handbook has recently received the "Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association 2008 Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award".)
  • Göx, R., and A. Wagenhofer (2009): Optimal Impairment Rules, Journal of Accounting and Economics 48, 2-16.
  • Göx, R., and A. Wagenhofer (2010): Optimal Precision of Accounting Information in Debt Financing, in : European Accounting Review 19, 579-602.
  • Perotti, Pietro/Wagenhofer, Alfred (2014): Earnings Quality Measures and Excess Returns, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 41, 545-571.
  • Wagenhofer, Alfred (2014): Trading off Costs and Benefits of Frequent Financial Reporting, Journal of Accounting Research 52 (2014), 389-401.
  • Ewert, Ralf/Wagenhofer, Alfred (2014): Earnings Management, Conservatism, and Earnings Quality, Foundations and Trends in Accounting 6 (2011), 2012, 65-186.
  • Wagenhofer, A., and R. Ewert (2015): Externe Unternehmensrechnung, 3rd ed., Springer-Verlag: Berlin et al.
  • Ewert, Ralf/Wagenhofer, Alfred: Why More Forward-looking Accounting Standards Can Reduce Financial Reporting Quality, European Accounting Review 25 (2016), 487-51
  • Johnstone, David/Wagenhofer, Alfred: Capacity Planning Under Uncertainty and the Cost of Capital, Journal of Management Accounting Research 30(3) (2018), 169-185.
  • Penalva, Fernando/Wagenhofer, Alfred: Conservatism in Debt Contracting: Theory and Empirical Evidence, Accounting and Business Research 49(6) (2019), 619-647.
  • Ewert, Ralf/Wagenhofer, Alfred: Effects of Increasing Enforcement on Financial Reporting Quality and Audit Quality, Journal of Accounting Research 57(1) (2019), 121-168
  • Schantl, Stefan/Wagenhofer, Alfred: Deterrence of Financial Misreporting when Public and Private Enforcement Strategically Interact, Journal of Accounting and Economics 70(1) (2020), 101311. 
  • Ewert, Ralf/Wagenhofer, Alfred: Motivating Managers to Invest in Accounting Quality: The Role of Conservative Accounting, Contemporary Accounting Research 38(3) (2021), 2000-2033
  • Schantl, Stefan F./Wagenhofer, Alfred: Optimal Internal Control Regulation: Standards, Penalties, and Leniency in Enforcement, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 40(3) (2021), 106803. 
  • Ewert, Ralf, Alfred Wagenhofer and Anna Rohlfing-Bastian (2022): Interne Unternehmensrechnung, 9. ed., Springer-Verlag: Berlin et al.


DART – Doctoral Program in Accounting, Reporting, and Taxation
Universitätsstraße 15/E4 A-8010 Graz
University of Graz, Center for Accounting Research Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 7255

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